Undergraduate resumption and tuition fee policy

Understand the fee implications following the resumption of your studies as an undergraduate student

Student Finance England / Wales / Northern Island / European Team (Whole)

Resuming in Michaelmas Term - charged 100%

Resuming in Lent Term - charged 75%

Resuming in Summer Term - charged 50%

Student Finance England / Wales / Northern Ireland / European Team (Partial)

If Student Finance is partially responsible for payment:

Resuming in Michaelmas Term – Student Finance charged 100%, Student pro rata by weeks

Resuming in Lent Term – Student Finance charged 75%, Student pro rata by weeks

Resuming in Summer Term – Student Finance charged 50%, Student pro rata by weeks

NHS Bursary (Medical Students)

If suspension DLA was prior to 1 December, the student will be charged the full fee in the AY in which they resume studies

If suspension DLA was on or after 1 December, no fee is charged for the resumption AY as it has been paid in the previous session

Self and any other sponsor not mentioned above

Student will be charged for the number of weeks in attendance, determined by the term in which they return

If a student does not resume studies and withdraws from the University following a period of intercalation, the fee will be recalculated in line with the withdrawal guidance