Supplementary fees

Additional fees may be charged for resits, writing up, extensions and re-submission of work

Resit/Re-submission fees

Where a student is required to resit or re-submit a piece of previously assessed work they will incur a fee for doing so.

Re-sit Examination / Coursework Fees:

Undergraduate re-sit fees are capped at a maximum of £100 per re-sit period.

In addition to the standard resit fee, qualifying students who resit examinations at a British Council overseas will usually incur a non-refundable arrangement charge of £150. The British Council will also charge fees, which are payable directly to them.

Part I (per subject)


Part II (per module)


Important Notice

The University is changing the way in which it charges for undergraduate resits. These changes will apply from the 20/21 academic session onwards (to include those resitting as external candidates May/June 2021).

Resit fees will be charged as follows:

£2.00 per credit

Maximum resit fee charged: £240.00

Overseas resit arrangement fee: £180.00

Writing up fees

Once a student enters the writing up phase of their postgraduate research degree, they will be liable for writing up fees. This fee covers a period of 12 months and is payable for each year that they remain ‘writing up’. Should they submit within the first three months of the liability being incurred, the invoice will be cancelled. If they are still classed as writing up after three months, they will be liable for the full 12 months of fee, even if they submit in less time. Typically, the writing up fee doubles (plus the standard annual increment) each year you remain recorded as such.

Please be advised that in order for your status to change to ‘writing up’, you must have had your PhD status confirmed no less than 12 months prior to your minimum completion date. Part time students must have submitted a full first draft of their thesis to their department, and the department confirm this to the PG Fees Officer either in email or via a change of status form to the Registry. If these criteria are met, students will be automatically moved to ‘writing up’ once they have reached their minimum date.

Extension fees

If a postgraduate student requires an extension, they will be liable for an extension fee. This fee will cover any period up to 12 months, after which a further fee will be due.