Lancaster Opportunity and Access Fund (LOAF) (for UK, EU & International)

Award Applicable for Academic Year Current
Level of Study Undergraduate
Masters, Research
Nationality EU (Non-UK), International (Non-EU), UK
Mode of Study Full Time, Part Time
When to apply Post enrolment
Source Internal
Department/Subject specific All
College Members All Colleges
Value of Award Amounts are variable dependent on assessed financial need for undergraduate students. Award amounts are limited for postgraduate students.
General Information

The Lancaster Opportunity and Access Fund is designed to help students who may require extra financial support. Any award from the fund is given as a grant and is non-repayable.

Please note there is a finite amount of money available in each academic year and if funds are exhausted it may mean that we stop taking applications.

Awards are available to students where there is a shortfall between income and expenditure over the academic year or where there have been higher than expected costs or a sudden financial emergency.  The Lancaster Opportunity and Access Fund is not a source of funding and students are expected to have made adequate provision to cover the cost of studying at University and where applicable have already accessed their full student finance entitlement. If you are studying part-time you must be on a course which is at least half of an equivalent full-time course.

The fund is designed to contribute towards essential expenditure (course related costs, travel or for general living costs such as rent) and may not meet all financial needs.   

Postgraduate, EU and International students must be able to provide evidence that on commencing study in any given academic year, a minimum required provision (MRP) of funding has been met.   For the current academic year, the MRP for single students (as set by national guidelines) is £177 per week to cover costs as detailed above.  Assessments will only be considered where evidence is supplied to indicate that this provision has been met and when unexpected circumstances have affected this provision, for example, if provision is usually met by parents and they have lost their job which will have to be evidenced.

Where applicable all evidence must be provided in its original format and translated into English.

The Lancaster Opportunity and Access Fund cannot be used to cover tuition fees.

Students who have intercalated (suspended their studies) are eligible to apply if the intercalation has been agreed on medical/health grounds or there are extenuating personal circumstances preventing continuation of study.

If intercalation has been agreed on academic grounds, for example where progression to the next year of study has not been met are ineligible to apply.



Application Procedure

Applications are available to submit from the first day of the academic year.

For UK Students

For EU and International Students

Please read the application guidelines carefully and print and complete the form and submit this with all the relevant evidence to the Student Funding Service, c/o The Base

Applications can take up to three weeks to process during busy periods and only completed applications with full evidence will be considered.

One application can be made throughout each academic year.  If there is a change in circumstances which has not already been taken into account then a second application can be considered.

 Application deadline dates:

  • Postgraduate - 5pm, Monday of Week 50
  • Undergraduate - 5pm, Friday of Week 29

Undergraduate UK students may apply to be considered for financial help over the summer vacation where there are exceptional circumstances and if any monies remain available from the fund.  Applications can be submitted from Monday of Week 29.

Application Deadline See above

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