Marcus Merriman Travel Grant

Award Applicable for Academic Year Current
Level of Study Undergraduate
Nationality EU (Non-UK), International (Non-EU), UK
Mode of Study Full Time, Part Time
When to apply Post enrolment
Source Internal
Department/Subject specific All
College Members Pendle
Value of Award Up to £150.
General Information

Applications may be made for travel grants from Pendle students to broaden their horizons, experience other cultures, develop their skills and self-confidence, and make a positive difference in some way. For example, students who have been awarded travel grants in the past have helped in orphanages, schools and medical centres in developing countries, organised or taken part in cultural exchanges, and volunteered on conservation projects, in museums and at historically important sites.

Your travel does not have to be overseas in order to qualify, but grants are restricted to non-academic activities. Marcus Merriman travel grants are typically less than £150 and are intended as a small contribution towards your overall costs. Unfortunately, things such as such as travel to job interviews or participation in trips of field visits which are part of your degree course are not covered by this particular scheme.

Application Procedure

Students who are awarded a travel grant will receive the funds in advance of their trip, on condition that they provide the College with a short 200-300 word report when they return. If the trip does not take place or if a report is not submitted, students must repay the funds.

To apply for funding please write a letter, addressed to Becky Case, giving dates of travel, full details about the purpose of the trip and outlining what you hope to achieve. Bring the letter along to Pendle College Office when complete.

Applications can be received on a rolling basis with a view to making the decisions at the end of each term so the deadline dates would be week 9, 19 and 29. 

If you have any further questions about the Marcus Merriman travel grant scheme, you can speak to Jill Harpley in the College office or contact James Mawdesley.

Application Deadline See above

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