Nominate a Bank Account

To allow the University to make authorised payments to a bank account of your choice you will need to nominate an account online.

To nominate an account, please visit our secure online direct credit system.

Advice on completing the form


You must have registered as a student at the University and received an ISS username and password to nominate an account. Please note that you cannot nominate an account in person or submit details to any University office for someone else to do this for you. If you are on-campus and logged into the University network clicking on the above secure link will take you straight to the nomination page, which will show your name based on your network ID.


If you are off-campus visiting the above web address will bring up a login box and you will need to login to the University network, the format you should use from off-campus is shown below:

Username: lancs\username

Password: your ISS password

Your username is your University username supplied by ISS when you first registered. If you cannot remember your username or password please contact the ISS helpdesk.

Account numbers

Please note account numbers are usually eight digits (not the long 16-digit number across the middle of a card) and sort codes are six digits, in the format xx-xx-xx. Contact your bank if you are unsure of the correct numbers. If you have a building society account for direct credit account you should have an eight-digit account number as well as an 11-digit roll number. You should check with your building society if you are in any doubt as to either of these. Enter the eight-digit number in the bank account number section. In the surname field, enter your 11-digit roll number followed by your surname.

Account detail changes

If bank account details change (eg an account is closed) or you wish monies to be paid to/from a different account please ensure you update the correct details.

How your credit account will be used

The Direct Credit account you nominate will be used to make payment of University monies (eg financial awards). The direct credit account you nominate to receive payments from the University may be different from the direct debit account you nominate for payments to be taken from. For example, some students have a parental account listed for direct debits (eg accommodation) and their own account for direct credits (eg financial awards).

Please note that for the payment of any undergraduate financial awards you may be due, the University does not receive bank account details you may have already given to the Student Loan Company for payment of Government students loans/grants. You, therefore, need to nominate your University credit account(s) separately, although it can be the same account as the one you use for receipt of any Government student loan/grant.