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Attendance Check-in for Undergraduates

Attendance Check-in on the iLancaster app uses iBeacon technology to register student attendance on all undergraduate programmes.

Checking in to teaching sessions automatically

    1. You need the latest version of iLancaster on your device, logged in using the 'Student/Staff User' profile.
    2. Bluetooth and Location Services must be turned on.
    3. If you want to get a notification when your attendance has been registered, notifications must be turned on.
    4. You need to go into the room where the timetabled session is taking place during the check-in window (which opens 5 minutes before the session start time and closes 5 minutes after the session end time).

Don't leave a teaching session without your attendance being registered.

You can look at the Attendance Check-in tile on your iLancaster home screen for confirmation that you’ve checked in or to see if you need to change your settings (eg turn on Bluetooth) to be able to check in.


More information

About check-in and your data


Watch a short video about iLancaster Attendance Check-in: