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Attendance Check-in for Undergraduates

Attendance Check-in on the iLancaster app uses Geolocation technology to register student attendance on all undergraduate programmes.

During a trial over summer term you must use Geolocation check-in to register your attendance.

With Geolocation check-in you'll always know when you're checked in, so you stay in control of registering your attendance. Note that you can’t use Bluetooth check-ins via beacons during this period.


Checking in to a teaching session

    1. You need the latest version of iLancaster on your device, logged in using the 'Student/Staff User' profile.
    2. Ensure that Location Services are turned on and you have an Internet connection.
    3. Click the 'Attendance Hub' icon.
    4. Click 'Not Checked In'.
    5. The 'Check In' screen loads and you'll be checked in. The green 'You are checked in' button confirms this. 

How to check in using Geolocation check-in

Don't leave a teaching session without your attendance being registered.

You can look at the Attendance Hub tile on your iLancaster home screen for confirmation that you’ve checked in or to see if you need to change your settings (e.g. turn on Location Services) to be able to check in.

If you have a technical problem with Attendance Check-in, please report it in-app or via our online form. 

More information

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