Counselling and Mental Health Service

If you are experiencing problems that are affecting your studies or general wellbeing, we are here to help.

The Counselling and Mental Health Service is comprised of University staff who are all qualified and professional mental health practitioners.  This includes the College Wellbeing Officers, who are part of the Service but reside in offices within the Colleges, and the Counsellors and Mental Health Advisors, who reside in our central office within University House.  We also have a team of Administrators who reside in our central office, too.

We are a short-term Service, and our aim is to support students at Lancaster University by helping them manage any problems or issues so they can continue with their studies.  Our Service has different levels of support, and different therapies available, to help support students depending on what they need.  We support students with mental health problems, but this is not a perquisite to accessing our Service.