Repeat Year - Part I

You may wish to complete the academic year on your current degree scheme but then repeat Part I and change degree programme.  If successful you will receive an official transcript for the year and 120 CATS points in that field.


If you successfully complete Part I on your current degree scheme, you should complete the Repeat year form and obtain departmental approval from your current and the receiving department.  The form should then be handed in to The Base for the Student Registry to approve.  If approved, the Student Registry will email confirmation to you and update your record and any external agencies where necessary.


Students who have not passed all subjects, and whose failures have not been condoned, will be offered, immediately following the examination board at which the student was considered, the choice of:

(a)    one (and only one) further resit opportunity as an external candidate;

(b)    or a repeat year.


Students opting for a repeat year will:

(a) have full-time student status;

(b) lose all credit, marks and grades gained in the original Part I year;

(c) undergo an assessment of support needs (both academic and general wellbeing) at the start of the repeat year;

(d) be placed on academic probation, with especially close monitoring of academic progress by the major department;

(e) otherwise be treated the same as any other Part I student;

(f) have one resit opportunity if necessary; MARP 2018-19 Undergraduate Assessment Regulations 6

(g) not be allowed any further resit opportunity as an external candidate or another repeat year, except under exceptional circumstances where approved by the Part I Resit Board.


Students enrolling for a repeat year will have the right to be registered for the same degree programme as before; alternatively, it will normally be permissible to change to a new degree programme for which eligibility criteria have been met.