How to work out a budget for your life at university

It's important to spend some time thinking about how to manage your money and a good way to begin is by drawing up a budget. 

  1. You can start by taking a look at our estimated living costs.
  2. Then think about what income you will receive from different sources such as student loans, awards, family and part-time work.
  3. You will then be able to work out whether there is likely to be a shortfall between your income and expenditure.

There is a range of online tools and resources that may also help:

Save the Student

A student money website for university students on all things to do with money and student finance

The International Student Calculator

A tool to help you build a budget for studying and living in the UK.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Take control of your money..... sign up for a free year and get your finances under control

Brightside student calculator

Helps you to work out the grants and loans you are likely to receive as well as your outgoings


Offers advice and tips on student budgeting


A budget planner with advice on how to cut your outgoings


A student money guide for all new students