Introduction to Creative Writing

In this module we aim to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of apprentice writers and their command and enjoyment of the craft. The module approaches literature as something made by individuals out of their experience, imagination and knowledge, rather than as finished artefacts encountered as commodities. We encourage you to experiment with different forms and approaches, to discover your individual strengths as a writer, whether of poetry, prose or drama.

Lectures provide insight into a syllabus of key skills, techniques and approaches to writing poetry, prose fiction and drama. Workshops are tailored to reflect on the content of the weekly lectures and put these skills, techniques and approaches into practice. You will discuss in detail each others’ works-in-progress, developing critical and editorial skills and insight into the writing process. These skills and insight are then applied to your own, as well as peers' work. The 'Reading for Technique' element of the module allows you to develop skills to read as a writer, rather than as a critic or general reader.