Managing Marketing Innovation

The aim of the module is to introduce students to theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence of contemporary innovations in markets and an exploration of marketing activities that support them. Students will be given time and opportunity to reflect on their learning and to discuss their emergent understanding. They will have the opportunity to explore challenges faced by managers of innovation, as well as comparing potential outcomes of marketing management decisions in real world scenarios.

The module begins by identifying marketing innovations, followed by exploring the issues of why firms are thought to either typically succeed or fail in business. From here students will be encouraged to explore the changing business environments within which firms must survive. The module will be organised around six themes: (i) Creating Innovations (ii) Developing an Innovation Strategy (iii) Building the Innovative Organization (iv) Managing the Innovation Process (v) Capturing the Value from Innovations (vi) Emerging of the Contemporary Innovations in Markets. We see how Social Innovation, Innovations for Emerging Markets and Sustainability-led Innovation are emerged and contribute to the global markets.