Routes to Market

This module provides students with knowledge and understanding about the various decisions, actors and actions involved in transforming the product from its raw state through to one desired by consumers, and to the mechanisms whereby brand owners work with retailers to ensure shoppers’ access to the product. This understanding is important to all marketers since it allows marketers to communicate with other areas of the organisation (such as manufacturing or logistics) over issues including new product launches, promotional initiatives and so on. A particular emphasis is placed on the retail end of the route to market and how brand owners coordinate with retail (possibly also wholesale) actors to ensure optimal product placement and communication at the point of purchase. The module therefore provides vital understanding and perspectives to equip you for entry level jobs in areas such as trade marketing, customer marketing, shopper marketing, category management and areas of retail. In many companies a career in brand management can only be accessed through graduate entry level jobs in these areas. The thinking is “if you can’t manage retail partners, you can’t manage brands”.

Throughout the module attention is paid to the international contexts of routes to market, ethical questions in routes to market, modern techniques and shopping behaviour and ICT use in routes to market. Examples are drawn especially from product areas students are familiar with.