From Ancient to Modern: History and Historians

An introduction to the discipline, Lancaster’s first-year History core module offers a fascinating survey of the last fifteen-hundred years. The module focuses on pivotal trends and events in European history, but it encompasses regions of the wider world as distant as California, India, Japan and the South Pacific.

You’ll become familiar with a wide range of primary sources used by historians in the writing of history. You’ll gain insights into how historians conduct research and interpret the past, and will therefore better understand the reasons for changing historical interpretations.

In the process, by undertaking directed reading, by independent research, by attending lectures, by participating in seminar discussions, by working sometimes in a team, and by writing and receiving constructive feedback on what you have written, you will develop your study techniques and other transferable skills.

The long chronological range and types of history covered by the course will extend your intellectual and historical interests and enable you subsequently to make informed choices from among the many historical options available to you in subsequent years, either as a History Major student or as a Minor.