Theory and Methods in Postgraduate Studies

The module serves to consolidate postgraduate research and learning support by providing opportunity for students to engage theories, methods and skills of direct relevance to their studies. The module is core for all PPR PGT students and complements core subject and discipline-specific module provision. The first five sessions of the module treat generic theories, methods and skills relating to postgraduate study and research. The next three sessions are given over to subject-specific input which is delivered separately by disciplinary specialists. The contents of these three sessions will be determined relative to discipline-specific needs. The final two sessions are dedicated to workshop discussions and presentations in respect of student projects.

· The academic research process. · Project planning, design and process management. · Ethics in postgraduate research. · Resource identification and review processes. · Data acquisition techniques and issues. · Analytical and interpretative approaches. · Academic conventions (e.g. making an argument, writing, referencing). · Subject specific methods and skills. · Workshop discussions and project planning presentations.

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