The United States and the Vietnam War

In this module, you will address the history of United States involvement in Vietnam beginning with the emergence of the Cold War and US support for the French colonial regime in the 1950s and the structure of US strategic thought during the period from 1945 to 1975. You will engage with the advisory period, military escalation, the air war, the use of counter-insurgency strategy, Vietnamese Communist strategy and political organisation, the US antiwar movement, and debates about the war in the media and Congress.

Using a variety of materials including photojournalism, soldiers' narratives and film, you will examine pro- and anti-war propaganda, public opinion and the perspectives of those who fought on both sides. You will consider the international and domestic political repercussions of the US defeat in Vietnam.

Please note: regular class tests are used as part of the assessment for this module, which means that regular attendance is crucial and an inability to attend class sessions is bound to affect your grade.