Chinese Culture and Society

Contemporary Chinese culture is profoundly influenced by its historical, political and philosophical traditions. This module will provide you with a general knowledge of the key aspects of China's history, culture, and society and its increasingly prominent role on the world stage in a global perspective.

This module gives you the opportunity to develop informed positions on topics covering Daoist, Legalist and Confucian philosophies, political strategies and cosmologies; art and literature; family, gender, and sexuality; language and education reform; the use of social space; the foundation of the Communist Party and its leaders from Mao to Deng to Xi and beyond.

Particular emphasis is placed on showing the diversity and transformation of culture and society in China throughout China’s history. You will have the opportunity to develop critical reading and discussion skills in relation to key topics in Chinese cultural studies.

Your lectures and seminars will give you the opportunity to explore (inter-) cultural, political and historical knowledge. The seminars are usually interactive sessions that are designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the topics covered in the lectures, through careful analysis of textual and audiovisual sources.