Game of (Spanish) Thrones: Treachery, War and Exile in Spanish Poetry (13th-20th c.)

This module is based on the comparison of masterpieces of Spanish poetry from the 13th-20th century with the events of the current TV show Game of Thrones.

The purpose of this comparison is to consider how patterns and stereotypes related to the past, some of which are achieving success in both the TV show and the contemporary novels by Martin, have also been responsible for the success of a number of works that today are considered as classics of Spanish poetry. Students do not have to be familiar with the TV show or the novels in order to be successful in this module. Fragments of this show will be introduced in class, before drawing comparisons with the assigned readings in order to enhance general understanding.

Students on this module will engage in the study of the socio-historical events and features of Spanish society, as well as the literary mechanisms of each one of the texts. It is essential to understand the dynamic of these events in order to better understand the texts read.