Content-Based Approaches to Language Education

This module is designed to expand your design capacities as a language educator. Increasingly, English language learners need academic rather than everyday language, must negotiate technical language and engage with English-speaking suppliers and clients, and/or work with international stakeholders in commercial and non-profit settings. English is the medium of instruction in high school science classrooms in Hong Kong, in mainstream classrooms across Africa, and in a range of disciplines in global post-secondary institutions. As language educators, we are tasked with supporting learners in developing English for these purposes. In this module, you will explore analytical frameworks for identifying the linguistic demands of academic and professional contexts, engage with techniques for planning relevant lessons and courses, and consider the implications for classroom practice. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the professional challenges of working with content educators, the issues of professional identity that arise, and the experiences of language educators who have taught in such contexts. The module usually combines theory, research and practice to provide a professional knowledge base for participation in this