Part I Chinese Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)

The CHIN101 Part I Chinese Studies (Advanced) course at Lancaster University combines Chinese language learning with study of Chinese in context.

The CHIN101 course will give you the opportunity to undertake a range of language learning activities that will consolidate your skills gained at 'A', 'A/S' or equivalent levels. It aims to further your level, taking you from B1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The course will provide you with an understanding of language necessary for more advanced study. It also aims to teach Mandarin Chinese from the perspective of how to teach/how to do research with Chinese, with comparatively more specialised tools to learn about Chinese grammar and pragmatics and to compare it with English and other languages (i.e. corpus approaches and so on).

There are five language classes and three supplementary activities per week. The classes consist of one lecture and four hours of tutorials, taught by qualified language teachers. The four hours of tutorials are based on a textbook, and emphasis is placed on the acquisition of vocabulary and a firm grasp of Chinese grammatical structures. Listening and speaking skills are developed under the guidance of Chinese native speakers using audio and video materials. Language contact hours will be supplemented by weekly activities: i) Independent Learning Hour (guided learning with set online tasks per week and feedback from tutors); ii) Chinese Caf, (1.5 hours each week where students discuss with native speakers and keep a learning diary in Chinese characters of their learning at the Cafe); and iii) fortnightly screening of Chinese films. The Independent Learning Hour is compulsory, the Chinese Cafe and film-screening are optional. Students are encouraged to attend the optional activities and borrow materials from the Languages and Cultures department and the Confucius Institute, join the Confucius Institute's language partner programme, visit Chinese-speaking countries during the vacation, and to take every opportunity of listening to and speaking the language.