Understanding Key Economic Concepts: Economics for the Real World I

This module explores the analysis of contemporary economic problems through an introduction to a range of key concepts. During this module, we help enable you to develop your knowledge of the analysis deployed by policy makers and by media commentators when presenting potential solutions to a range of contemporary economic challenges. At the end of the module you will have had the opportunity to better understand the terminology used in economic debates. This module is the first of two paired modules, in this module we intend to demystify the debates about economics in the media, in political debates, in specialised policy prescriptions and support students to develop a nuanced appreciation of their own analyses of contemporary market society. The module is intended to be a stand-alone introduction which also prepares you for the second module on key issues in contemporary economics. This module encourages a critical approach to contemporary economic theory and policy (as widely discussed beyond the academy) and is not intended to provide a “textbook” introduction to academic economics.