From Balfour to Brexit: Britain as a Great Power since 1914

This module explores US foreign policy from the end of the Second World War through to the end of the Cold War, focusing particularly on role played by the presidents who held office during this period. The decades following the Second World War saw the United States emerge as the single most powerful and influential state in modern history. The core aim of the module is to understand how the individuals who held the office of president in this era sought to project US economic, military and ideational power. This will entail considering how the personal backgrounds, political beliefs, and other personal characteristics of the presidents in power during this period affected the application of US foreign policy, allowing students to engage with innovative approaches to the study of history that take into account factors such as emotions, friendship and health on broader historical processes. In order to analyse US foreign policy from the perspective of individual presidents we will use a variety of academic sources by historians and political scientists, as well as primary sources.