Radical Spirituality: the early history of the Quakers

Learn about the beginnings of this radical religious group as it emerged in the north of England in the summer of 1652. Visit the north west of England to see where it all started and find out more about the key events,  characters and  ideas.

Start date: April 2019 – 3 weeks

If you think of the Quakers it might bring to mind porridge oats, or pacifism, or perhaps prison reform, but through this online course, we will be finding out about what lies at the heart of Quaker beginnings, who its main characters were, and how in a few weeks during the summer of 1652 the Quaker movement was formed in the north of England.

Almost from nothing, the Quakers were to become the most successful sect of the 1650s and 1% of the population of England was to become a Quaker. It was a radical spirituality which appealed to thousands of people, hungry for new ways of thinking.

In this three week course, we will see how the events of 1652 unfolded and visit the key sites of Pendle Hill, Firbank Fell, and Swarthmoor Hall in the north-west of England.

Each of these places marks a critical piece of the dramatic story of May and June 1652.

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