Study Abroad Application Procedures

Most students study abroad for a full year, usually in the second year of their degree. The Global Experiences team in the Global Experiences Office will advise and guide you through the application process. They will also be a point of contact, together with your Departmental Study Abroad Adviser, when you are abroad.

Timeline for students studying outside the EU:


If you were admitted to the University on a Study Abroad/North America/Australasia degree scheme or if you are on a standard Lancaster degree scheme but want to study abroad, you should contact your Departmental Study Abroad Adviser to express an interest in participating.


The Global Experiences Office holds general information sessions for all students interested in studying abroad during November. There are also specific information and drop-in sessions starting in December about how much it costs to study abroad and immigration requirements. You then research at which exchange university you would like to study .

You will be asked to provide your Departmental Study Abroad Adviser with a shortlist of your preferred universities by the end of the Michaelmas term.


Your Departmental Study Abroad Adviser will allocate you a place by mid-January.


The Global Experiences Office will send you information about how to apply to your host university. Applications are submitted by the end of Lent term.


You will receive your acceptance documents from your host university. Once you have received these documents, you must apply for your visa.


The Global Experiences Office will hold pre-departure briefings for students who are studying abroad. Attendance at one of these is compulsory.

You will be told if you have fulfilled the academic requirements to study abroad following the Exam Boards in the Summer term.

If you are studying in the USA, you will have to go to the US Embassy for an interview.


If you are studying in Australia or New Zealand, you will leave for your year abroad.


If you are studying in the USA, Canada or Hong Kong, you will leave for your year abroad.