Accounting and Finance

Am I able to include study abroad in my degree?

The study abroad option is open to single majors and joint majors in Accounting and/or Finance. The industry variants of Accounting and/or Finance degrees are not permitted to complete study abroad.

When does study abroad take place?

Due to accreditation, the study abroad option is open to majors and joint majors in Accounting and/or Finance in the first term (Michaelmas term) of Year 3.

How many places are available and how are they allocated?

There are usually between 2 and 5 places per year available. Places are awarded on a competitive basis (usually based upon academic performance and attendance in Year 1 and Year 2 courses, whilst taking into account student preferences as far as possible). You may also have to take and pass the Study Abroad Mathematics module offered by the Management School, as many overseas courses require understanding of mathematics at a higher level than GCSE Mathematics.

Where might I be able to go on study abroad?

Our partnerships are based on reciprocal exchanges, and as such we are unable to guarantee places at each university each year. A list of potential partners is provided below:


  • Iowa State University
  • University of Binghamton New York State
  • University of Kentucky


  • La Trobe University

If you do choose to apply, please ensure that you use the list of available universities in the appropriate study term (this will be provided by the study abroad office or your study abroad advisor).

How do I apply?

If you are interested in study abroad, please ensure you sign up for and attend the various study abroad talks which will be announced during Michaelmas term of your second year. Information on how to apply is also available from

Before selecting your preferred destinations, it is worth checking the prerequisites needed for the courses you would like to take. Please note: Even if you do study abroad, you will also still need to meet the specific requirements for your degree (in terms of the appropriate number of level 6 modules and appropriate subject coverage) as detailed in the courses handbook (available from the AcF department moodle site).

Will the accreditation of my degree be affected by study abroad?

Yes, the accreditation of your degree will be affected by study abroad as you will not be in Lancaster to take key courses which are required for accreditation purposes. For example, being away from Lancaster in Michaelmas term in year 3 means you will not study AcF 301 Financial Reporting I which is an accreditation requirement for some bodies / papers. Also it will not be possible to take other courses such as AcF 306 Taxation and AcF 307 Issues in Auditing (also Michaelmas term courses), which may also impact on accreditation. Whilst we will do our best to ensure you have comparable subject coverage whilst you are on study abroad, we cannot guarantee the accreditation of courses at other institutions by the professional bodies.