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Travel Opportunities During University Vacations

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Planned Spring and Summer 2020 Trips

 With the spread of COVID-19 globally, Lancaster made the difficult decision to cancel the Global Experiences Spring and Summer 2020 vacation programmes. Here is a snapshot of what was planned...

Explore Boston and New York

23 March - 3 April 2020

Applications are currently closed for this trip.

Join fellow students and academics from your faculty to learn more about the United States while increasing your global and cultural awareness.

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A selection of what we offered in 2018/19...


Discover India with Manipal University

Explore the beautiful and diverse culture of India with Manipal University, spending three weeks immersed in this fascinating country.

"‌I went on a study abroad programme to India when I was an undergraduate. Not only was it the most valuable learning experience of my university degree, but it changed how I understand the world. It is a dream come true for me to be able to offer to students at Lancaster University what was such a valuable experience for my own educational and personal development. During the several years I have been convenor for PPR in India, I have seen students produce some of their best academic work, as well as become more informed and mature global citizens." - Dr Brian Black, lecturer

24 August to 15 September 2019 - Global Experiences 2019 India Trip Schedule (Subject to Change)

Travel to Manipal University and explore the beautiful and diverse culture of India. In this immersive three week programme India becomes your classroom as you accompany lecturers to different temples and heritage sites to learn about and understand the religions, history and ethos of the Indian people. You start the trip in the south of the country where you will visit family farms and NGOs Spend the night in the stunning Western Ghats, a UNESCO world heritage site. To cap off your stay in India, take in the city of Jaipur and visit some of the biggest tourist destinations across the whole of India, including both the Amber Fort and the magnificent Taj Mahal.

This trip can be used as dissertation research for students enrolled in PPR 359:PPR in India. This module is open to any students who are interested in writing a final year dissertation on India. 

Programme Cost: £1,550 (includes scheduled activities, meals and accommodation during your stay)

Group Return Flight Cost: £615

“Being able to experience once in a lifetime trips to India and the USA made my Lancaster experience truly global.”  - Molly McDonough, 2015-2018, BA International Relations

 Watch James' 2018 experience

Students in India

Explore China with Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU)

Travel to China and experience a country which is developing at an incredible pace, yet is still defined by its fascinating history and unique traditions. Take part in an extensive schedule of activities that will give you an introduction to the local language, a taste of authentic Chinese food, and practice of traditional Chinese calligraphy.

24 August to 15 September 2019

First you will travel to Lancaster University College at Beijing Jiaotong University in the Shandong province. Here local students will give you an introduction to the Chinese way of life while learning about the unique history and culture of this region whose seaside location has been instrumental in shaping China’s relationship with Japan and England. You will then travel to Beijing, a thriving megacity with lots of fascinating sites to explore. You will walk on the Great Wall of China, tour the Summer Palace and marvel at the Temple of Heaven.

Programme Cost: £1,200 (includes scheduled activities, meals and accommodation during your stay)

Group Flight Cost: circa £900

Watch Aaliya's Experience in China - Produced by Monika Wilczynska

2019 Draft China ScheduleThis is subject to change

A student in China.

See Berlin through a Different Lens

Join a week-long intense programme of activities organised around the theme of Crossing Borders. Dr Karolina Follis, lecturer in the PPR department, will guide you through the city while drawing on her expertise in borders and border policies in the European Union.

23 to 29 September 2019 - ‌Berlin: Crossing Borders September 2019 Draft Itinerary

Borders of different kinds offer the chance to explore and understand the meaning and challenges of global connections, diversity and rapid social and political change. You will explore the history and contemporary politics and practices of establishing borders and boundary making. Berlin, as it is geographically today with its unique historical sites, museums, distinctive neighbourhoods and diverse population will be our classroom. You will walk, talk, meet Berliners and sample the foods representing the diversity of the city. Venture out of town, you will visit the border between Germany and Poland in Frankfurt/Slubice. You will participate in seminars, read and watch films that enhance your understanding of the role borders play within society.

This non-credit programme offers immersive learning that will be of particular interest to students of Politics and IR, German, History and Sociology.    

Programme Cost: £585 (includes scheduled activities and accommodation during your stay)‌

No group flight is booked for this trip, but the Global Experiences team can help you make your booking

"The trip was an incredible experience to be a part of. With such a wide range of visits, activities and plenty of free time to explore the city it really was the most amazing week." (Thalia Jefferson, 2015-2018, History)


A portion of the Berlin Wall

Leadership and Sustainable Innovation at Sunway University

Travel to Sunway University, located near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and develop your leadership skills and sense of entrepreneurship as you work to fix real issues with local businesses and Non-Governmental Organisations. You’ll work in small teams alongside local students to develop an appreciation of sustainability and innovation, as well as engage with entrepreneurs and businesses on this classroom-based but highly interactive programme.

17 August – 1 September 2019

Week 1

You’ll explore theoretical practices and responsibilities of leadership through lectures and workshops. Field trips will help you make sense of the theories and learning from the classroom and you will begin to work in a team on a live project to explore the scope for sustainability innovation within an organisation.

Week 2

There will be lectures, workshops, field trips and project sponsor visits covering sustainability innovation and integrated sustainable development goals. You’ll also present your recommendations to your clients on the final day in a project showcase event.

"During this study abroad module students will be exploring the opportunity the role leadership can play in helping to address some of the significant challenges we face as a global society. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will be used as lenses to explore what these challenges are and how a broader stakeholder view utilising an approach called the Good Dividends can re-orientate businesses to a more holistic approach. To bring theories to life, students will be working with a local organisation on a live business challenge that the organisation is facing linked to the theme of the module ‘Leadership and sustainability innovation’." - Emma Watton, Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Leadership Studies & Practice, Lancaster University Management School

Programme cost: £995(covers accommodation, most meals, academic content and scheduled activities).

Group Flight cost: circa £800

Students works on a group project at Sunway University