Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

BFSU is one of the most prestigious foreign language teaching universities in China. It has an unsurpassed reputation for the excellence of its teaching and research. Lancaster has had strong academic links with BFSU over the last 20 years.

There are a number of transfer programmes to choose from depending on your background and which degree scheme you wish to study at Lancaster.

BFSU undergraduate students can also choose to Study Abroad for up to one year at Lancaster.

Foundation Programme (1+3)

Gives students access to all undergraduate subject areas across the University.

Undergraduate 2+2 Programme

The Lancaster degrees offered are the following:

BA in Media and Cultural Studies
BA in Film, Media and Cultural Studies
BA in Linguistics
BA in English Language
BA in International Relations
BA in Politics and International Relations
BA in Peace Studies and International Relations
BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
BSc in Business Economics (3 year variant)
BSc in Economics

To be eligible for entry on to this programme, students must have at least an overall score of 60% on the Chinese National University Entrance Examination*. On achieving the required score, those students wishing to apply for the programme must then pass an interview in English and a writing test at BFSU to determine their level of English at point of entry and their suitability for the programme.
*Some subjects require up to 70% in Maths.

Pre-Master’s programme

This programme of study prepares students for entry to one of the following Master’s programmes at Lancaster:

MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOLMA in Language and LinguisticsMA in Media and Cultural Studies

Double Master's programme

Registered Master's programme students from BFSU with the appropriate background can choose to study one of the following full one-year Master's programmes at Lancaster in their second year:

MA Language and LinguisticsMA Discourse StudiesMA Applied Linguistics and TESOLMA Media and Cultural Studies (NB: this course is theoretical in nature)
MA SociologyMA Social ResearchMA Gender and Women’s StudiesMA English Literary StudiesMA Conflict Resolution and Peace StudiesMA Conflict, Development and SecurityMA Diplomacy and Foreign PolicyMA Diplomacy and ReligionMA International RelationsMA PhilosophyMA PoliticsMA Politics and PhilosophyMA Politics, Philosophy and ReligionMA Religious StudiesMA/LLM Diplomacy and International LawMSc in Money, Banking and FinanceMSc Quantitative Finance

For further information about any of these programmes please contact:

Professor Li Liwen, Programme Co-ordinator
School of English & International Studies
Beijing Foreign Studies University
2, North Xisanhuan Road
Beijing 100089

Tel: +86 (0)10 88810830/88814532
Fax: +86 (0)10 88816282/88810830
Website: School of English and International Studies