Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU)

SHISU is a research, teaching, and multidisciplinary comprehensive university, committed to cultivating foreign language students of high calibre, multi-skilled with an international vision. Having a long tradition of teaching and learning, SHISU enjoys a very good reputation both at home and abroad.

Foundation Programme (1+3)

This one-year preparation programme enables students from SHISU to access a wide range of undergraduate programmes at Lancaster University.

Undergraduate 2+2 programme

The Lancaster degrees offered under this programme are as follows:

BA Media and Cultural Studies
BA Sociology
BA Politics and Sociology
BA Politics and International Relations
BA Politics
BA International Relations
BA Peace Studies and International Relations
BA International Relations and Religious Diversity

1+1+1 Double Master's Programme

Registered Master's programme students studying on specific programmes SHISU, and with an appropriate academic background, can choose to study one of the following full one-year Master's programmes at Lancaster in their second year:

For students studying in the School of International Relations and Public Administration at SHISU:
MA Politics
MA Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
MA Diplomacy and Religion
MA International Relations

For students studying in the School of English Studies / Centre for Intercultural Studies at SHISU:
MA Media and Cultural Studies
MA Gender and Women’s Studies
MA Gender and Women’s Studies and English

For students studying in the School of English Studies at SHISU:
MA Language and Linguistics
MA Discourse Studies
MA English Language and Literary Studies
MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Students who succesfully complete the programme will graduate with two Master's degrees; one from Lancaster and one from SHISU.

For further information about any of these programmes please contact:

Dean Yu Fei
Overseas Training Centre
410 Dong Ti Yu Hui Road
Hongkou District
Shanghai 200083

Tel: +86 (0)21 6552 1433
Fax: +86 (0)21 6531 8861