Terms and Conditions for New York / Boston trip 2018

Terms for Lancaster (UK based) students traveling outbound

Programme Detail

I confirm that I have completed the application process (online) for:

• The Lancaster University USA Trip to Boston & New York April 2018

Paying Fees Due

If my application is successful, I undertake to pay the fee by the due date communicated to me or to
provide, on demand, evidence that my fees will be paid by another person or organisation. I note
that if I do not pay the fee at the time due then my registration in the Programme will be ended.


If I choose to cancel my participation in the Programme I understand that costs reasonably incurred
on my behalf will be deducted from the fees I have paid before any refund is made. I understand
that the closer to the departure date I cancel the greater the likely costs incurred on my behalf e.g.
many flights become non-refundable once booked in a traveller’s name.
I understand that in exceptional circumstances the University may need to cancel the Programme. In
such cases the University’s liability will be limited to a full refund of fees I have paid. Examples of
exceptional circumstances are flood, landslide, outbreak of infectious disease, imposition of
quarantine, government or other official intervention, the threat or outbreak of war, riot, civil
commotion, the threat or an act of terrorism, loss, theft or damage to strategic equipment,
hijacking, nuclear disaster or other circumstance beyond the control of the University.

Variation of the Programme

I understand that the University makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in the
Programme prospectus is correct at the time of publishing but that reasonable changes to the
Programme may be necessary, for example, the ordering of content delivery and methods of
teaching / assessment. The University Policy is described here:

Laws of the host country and rules of the University

While abroad, I acknowledge that I am subject to the laws of the host country. I also acknowledge
that Lancaster University reserves the right to consider actions under Lancaster’s regulations
Pages/default.aspx], but will warrant not to employ double jeopardy.

Personal Data

I understand that my personal data will be maintained securely and processed and disclosed within
the terms of the University’s Data Protection policy:
https://gap.lancs.ac.uk/DATAPROTECTION/Pages/default.aspx. I confirm that, in order to facilitate
my participation on the Programme, my details may be shared with travel providers and/or other
partners in so far as is required to facilitate my participation in the Programme e.g. booking
accommodation, facilitating security checks to venues. This may include basic personal details,
passport details, scanned copies of your passport.

Passport and visas

I understand that at my own expense I must:
• Hold a passport which is valid for at least 6 months after the Programme end date.
• Obtain any visa(s) required to enable my participation in the Programme.
• Obtain any required vaccination certificates to enable my entry in to the country.
• Gain travel advice from my health professional to inform me in determining which courses
of vaccination and medication are necessary for me.

Travel Insurance Policy

I understand that for the duration of the Programme I will be covered by the Lancaster University
Travel Insurance Policy: www.lancaster.ac.uk/current-staff/travel/travel-insurance-and-emergencyassistance/.
I note that:
• My existing medical conditions will not be covered if I travel against my doctor's advice.
• I must take sufficient supplies of my regular medication to cover the Programme duration.
• Personal travel/holidays are not covered e.g. I will require my own travel insurance if I
choose to arrive early or extend my stay outside of the Programme duration.
• Mobile phones are not covered nor are claims below £100.
• Extreme sports are not covered e.g. abseiling/skiing/diving
Full FAQs can be found at www.lancaster.ac.uk/media/lancaster-university/contentassets/
documents/travel/TravelInsuranceTableStudents.pdf .

Additional Expenses

The fee I pay includes scheduled activities and accommodation for the duration of the programme. If
any meals are included these will be detailed in the Programme prospectus. I understand that other
general living costs are not included e.g. my participation in activities during free time.

Complaints and Concerns

I understand that the International Office will be pleased to help resolve any concerns I have
regarding the Programme. If matters cannot be resolved the University Student Complaints process
is available here: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/complaints-procedure/.


I understand that my participation in the Programme will end if I withdraw from my University
programme of study or if I fail to meet the requirements for the award of the qualification, or if I am
excluded from the University.
I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information given in this form and on my
application is true, complete and accurate.