Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU)

SHISU is a research, teaching, and multidisciplinary comprehensive university, committed to cultivating foreign language students of high calibre, multi-skilled with an international vision. Having a long tradition of teaching and learning, SHISU enjoys a very good reputation both at home and abroad.

Foundation Programme (1+3)

This one-year preparation programme enables students from SHISU to access a wide range of undergraduate programmes at Lancaster University.

1+1+1 Double Master's Programme

Registered Master's programme students studying on specific programmes SHISU, and with an appropriate academic background, can choose to study one of the following full one-year Master's programmes at Lancaster in their second year:

For students studying in the School of International Relations and Public Administration at SHISU:
MA Politics
MA Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
MA Diplomacy and Religion
MA International Relations

For students studying in the School of English Studies / Centre for Intercultural Studies at SHISU:
MA Media and Cultural Studies
MA Gender and Women’s Studies
MA Gender and Women’s Studies and English

For students studying in the School of English Studies at SHISU:
MA Language and Linguistics
MA Discourse Studies
MA English Language and Literary Studies
MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Students who succesfully complete the programme will graduate with two Master's degrees; one from Lancaster and one from SHISU.


For further information about any of these programmes please contact:

Dean Yu Fei
Overseas Training Centre
410 Dong Ti Yu Hui Road
Hongkou District
Shanghai 200083

Tel: +86 (0)21 6552 1433
Fax: +86 (0)21 6531 8861