Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the questions and answers below before contacting us with any questions. You will receive information about payment, visas and arrivals through the application process.

  • Where should I go when I arrive? Will you send me travel information?

    We will send you travel information approximately one month before the programme start date. We recommend that you fly to Manchester Airport as this has easy access to Lancaster University. We may run a coach pickup service for group arrivals. We will give you further information about this in the pre-arrivals email.

    If you do not use the Coach Transfer Service from Manchester Airport, you can travel to Lancaster by train, coach or taxi. We will send you information in the pre-arrivals email on where to go on campus when you arrive.

  • What should I pack? What clothes should I bring?

    During the summer, the UK climate is warm but mild and changeable. Thereofre, we recommend packing clothes that can be layered to suit different temperatures. It often rains in Lancaster so please bring a light waterproof coat. Umbrellas are not recommended, as they can get broken in the wind. Some trips and activities involve walking in the countryside and sports, so please bring comfortable walking shoes and sportswear. 

    Bedding will be provided but please bring a light travel towel.

  • Will I need a visa or insurance?

    It is important that you obtain the correct visa or entry clearance to study in the UK. You will be sent detailed information about visas and immigration when you have accepted your offer to study at Lancaster University.

    Most students will need to get a Short Term Study Visa.

    The University does not provide insurance, you may want to explore insurance options to cover travel, loss or damage to personal possessions and medical costs.

  • How much money will I need to bring?

    As your tuition, accommodation, and most meals are paid for before entering the UK, we expect costs to be low. However, this depends on lifestyle and the activities you undertake in your spare time. There are some optional trips that cost money, and you may want to travel or eat out sometimes. So remember to budget for travel, food, and spending during your stay.

  • How do I register as a student?

    Before you arrive, you should receive an email to pre-register. This is quick and easy to do and will give you access to IT services. You may also be asked to provide a portait photo of yourself for our records. This should be of your face, with a clear background; you can smile in the picture. If you do not provide a photo, you will be need to have your photo taken once you arrive.


    Once you arrive at the University, you will need to register within the first few days. This is included in the programme schedule. You will need to bring your passport and any other visa and immigration douments with you.

  • What is the accommodation like?

    All Lancaster campus accommodation will be single, ensuite with catering provided. For overnight stays away from Lancaster, accommodaiton may vary. Please see the individual summer school pages for further information.

  • Can I cancel my application?

    Please see the cancellation policy in the Terms and Conditions.

  • How can I stay safe during my stay?

    The UK is generally a safe place, but it is important to take simple safeguarding precautions:

    Tips for staying safe:

    • Keep money, valuables and personal documents safe and secure
    • Don't leave luggage unattended
    • If you are unwell, contact a member of staff to let them know you will be staying at home that day
    • If you are outside at night, stay in well-lit areas with your friends

    UK Laws

    • You must be at least 18 years old to buy alcohol and tobacco, ID may be required
    • Smoking and vaping are not allowed in enclosed public spaces
    • It is illegal to carry or supply illicit drugs or weapons including knives

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