Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Lancaster University and Lancaster University Students’ Union work in partnership to campaign and promote responsible alcohol consumption within the student population.

This is to encourage a safe drinking culture across campus and the City where all students feel welcome and not pressured into undertaking activity that they are not comfortable with.

This improves the general well-being of students, promotes a healthy lifestyle and responds to current trends of more students that do not wish to consume alcohol.

Students' Union Vice President (Welfare & Community), David Whitlock, explains that “it’s really positive the Union and University are making these changes to ensure our activity is appropriate for all students, it also allows us to explore different avenues that we had not before to improve and create a richer student experience.”

We encourage responsible alcohol consumption through by wide-reaching campaigns within on-campus bars and venues within the City, the promotion of soft drinks as an alternative to alcohol and the existence and continuation of non-alcoholic events such as the International Food Week.

Professor Amanda Chetwynd, Lancaster University's Provost for Student Experience, Colleges and the Library, notes that “The University is very pleased to be working in partnership with our Students’ Union to encourage responsible alcohol consumption and create a more inclusive social environment to gain the NUS Alcohol Impact accreditation.”