Alina Akhbanbetova

I am currently studying MSc Biomedicine course and am enjoying every moment spent in Lancaster University. After I completed my Medical degree in my home country, Kazakhstan, I decided to deepen my knowledge in Biomedicine and continue my studies abroad. My choice of Lancaster University was easy because I knew that it is ranked as one of the top universities in the world in many fields and especially strong in Biomedical Sciences.

Lancaster University is localised in a quiet city, having a separate campus which is a very safe and beautiful place to live. Despite a little distance from the city centre, there is everything you need at the campus such as shops, cafés and bars, sport centre, and even a cinema. It is also easy to get to town by bus in a few minutes. What I like the best is that the environment for studies is perfect, especially Library and Learning Zone working 24/7 which can be helpful during exam revision, writing coursework or working on my dissertation.

I have found that people in Lancaster are especially friendly and helpful, including University staff, who always have time to answer students' questions and show support.

There are a large number of student societies where each student can find his or her interests. Personally, I am involved in a society where many people from different parts of the world gather together, socialise, and play range of cheerful games. I love swimming and often go to the University's new Sport Centre. What I have enjoyed most about my time in Lancaster is meeting really nice people from different countries and making friends.

I would certainly recommend the Biomedicine MSc, especially to those interested in a Biomedical research career. The MSc at Lancaster has a strong emphasis on practical skills, report writing, project management and independent research. I currently am working on my 6 month research project which involves using stem cells for the treatment of eye diseases. The project is challenging and I am having to learn a lot of new techniques, like electron microscopy, but I am happy to be working on this subject as I know stem cells will have an important future. I am confident that the experience and qualifications that I will gain at Lancaster will open great opportunities for my future career.