Chang'er Chen

I chose Lancaster University because the Lancaster Environment Centre has such a high reputation in the Environmental Science field, and most importantly my supervisor is one of the most famous scientists in our field. The Centre is very international, with wide collaborations with other famous institutes all over the world, which is eye opening. The University itself has a very friendly and international academic atmosphere; all the staff including the technicians are very welcoming and helpful, even in our department there are people from more than 10 different countries.

After finishing my PhD, I might consider doing a Postdoc here in Lancaster or another University - studying in Lancaster offers me lots of links and options all over the world. The University also has great facilities and support systems - with good offices and other equipment such as copy machines, stores and many training courses you can take part in.

Although the University is very young, it develops very well, not only in the natural environment, but also the academic environment. It lies in a very quiet and beautiful city, where you can concentrate on your research and study. Lancaster is also a safe and reasonably international city. You can find many restaurants offering different styles of food from various countries, and for me, I can find all ingredients from China I need for cooking.

Living in Lancaster there are many activities you can join to fill your spare time, such as many societies on campus and day trips to other places. You will not feel bored!