Jaya Ghosh

I chose Lancaster University because the combination of Criminology and Social Work in the same department is rare - in most universities Criminology is with the Law department. Another important reason for joining Lancaster was my supervisor, who has vast experience in my area of interest. The best thing about my course is that I work closely with my supervisor and at the same time have freedom to work independently. I also get many opportunities to interact with other postgraduate students and academics.

The University provides an excellent environment for research and a variety of courses to develop research skills. As I want to work as a researcher after I finish my PhD, the course at Lancaster has helped me to develop as a researcher. It has excellent faculties and resources for students and some postgraduate students get opportunities to teach, which is great professional and educational training for those who plan to become academics.

As a student of this university I have always been provided with support, advice and guidance from my colleagues, teachers and different departments working for student support. I get various training, support from International Student Support regarding my visa and opportunities to attend meetings and conferences. I would say that this is one of the best places you could gain your degree and international students should definitely consider it. The University has excellent facilities along with a strong support system for students.

Lancaster is a great place to live in. It is a quiet English city which has various attractions. It is next to the Lake District and well connected with big cities like Manchester, London and Edinburgh. Moreover the University campus provides a wide range of good facilities for students.