Olugbenga Ogunmodimu

I chose Lancaster because only two UK universities offer my desired Masters (Satellite Communications and Space Environment) and Lancaster was my preferred option because of the course content and the beauty of the campus. On completion of my MSc, I was fascinated by the academic style, university ranking, versatile and caring tutors and a very friendly Nigerian Society, and so decided to continue in my unique research area into my PhD.

Lancaster University has given me a platform for developing my researching capabilities, particularly in qualitative research, which will offer a boost to my career prospects. The curriculum is versatile and very challenging. As a PhD student, I work under a world-renowned professor, yet she is more like a friend or Mum! She guides me throughout my work and makes researching very interesting. My research is unique and I work within a strong research group (Space Plasma Environment and Radio Sciences) which I love.

The International Office/officers are always on ground should I have any concerns, whilst The Base offers support in terms of job awareness and career prospects. There are always internal seminars to help with studying, researching, writing academic papers and a range of other issues. The Students' Union (LUSU) offers advice as well and the Nigerian Society is of tremendous help to me personally.

Lancaster University offers a good blend of research, training and availability of materials (such as modern laboratories and a large library). Generally, the environment is the most suitable academic environment I have ever been in. The new Sports Centre is an excellent place to exercise, with a pool, gym and woodland trail. Lancaster is a truly international city, full of very welcoming people and judged one of the safest cities in the UK. Its history is fascinating, and it further benefits from its proximity to the big city, Manchester.

International students should look forward to a challenging academic environment and curriculum. Be prepared to work (no other alternative in Lancaster) but look forward to a beautiful and safe campus environment and very friendly people.