Pakchira Nugbanleng

I chose to study a Master of Research and PhD in Lancaster University because of the reputation of the University and good quality of research courses. To study here, I also considered the environment of the city, which is not too big and too busy; a good place to stay.

The University has a good study environment, and the facilities provided by the University are good and still improving a lot. Personally, the best thing about the University and my course, though, is the quality of the teaching and academic support – my supervisors, lecturers and the staff are all very supportive.

As I am funded by my home government, I will return to work for them as a lecturer and researcher once I have completed my PhD. Hence the courses offered, especially the research training courses, help a lot in terms of improving my understandings of research and my research skills.

The University provides good support and advice. From my own experiences, I have to request lot of letters for my sponsors from ‘The Base’ and the staff are very supportive and keen to help you. In term of academic support, the University is now constructing more study areas for students – I have been in this university for a couple of years and seen lot of improvements.

Within the University, we have an international student office and student ambassador to help the students if they have any questions according to their study in here. We can provide some good advices about the study, the accommodation, and life in Lancaster. If there are any issues that need a more specific answer, we will also help the students to contact persons that can help them.

The city of Lancaster is very safe and the people here are very friendly. It’s not too big or too busy, but the big cities, such as Manchester, are also very accessible by train. The city centre is very easily accessible via bus and there are many buses from the university campus to the city centre every day.