Flexible Study

Lancaster prides itself on having a flexible approach to undergraduate study, particularly in your first year, and is one of only a handful of universities within the UK where first year students study additional minor subjects alongside their major subject.

Depending on which subject you choose to study at Lancaster, you will have a level of flexibility during the first year of your degree programme (which we call 'Part I'): you can choose which other subjects you'll minor in, to either complement or contrast with your major subject.

As well as providing you with the opportunity to widen your knowledge outside of your core subject area, having this flexible approach in your first year at university allows you to make the right decision about your future path of study. By studying a selection of academic disciplines you have the opportunity to switch the focus of your degree as your interests evolve and as career opportunities develop. It can also help to differentiate your degree when you enter the job market and provide you with a study programme that is tailor-made for your specific academic interests.

Please note: You don’t have to choose your Part I minor subjects until you have accepted an offer to study at Lancaster and have registered with us in the October of your year of entry, so you do not need to list your first-year minor course choices on your UCAS form.