International Students: Next Steps

Lancaster is home to around 3,000 international students, so we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to join us! Now that you have your offer, and are preparing to come to the UK for your studies, we wanted to provide you with some additional information to help guide you through the coming months before arriving on campus.

Most of our contact is sent via email, so it’s important that we have a current email address for you. If you applied through an agent, or your school, please update UCAS with a personal email address that you are able to access frequently. 

Admissions Information

It is imperative that you read our Admissions Information page carefully. It contains important information about how we will process your application over the summer, what to do if you do not meet the requirements of your offer, and how to contact us should your circumstances change. Please visit our Admissions Information page.

Exam Results

If you are taking A Levels, the International Baccalaureate or Pre-Us, we will normally receive your exam results directly from UCAS. However, if you are taking qualifications from a country other than the UK, or UK qualifications such as an Access to HE course or a foundation degree, we will NOT receive these results from UCAS. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your results are sent to us, and we ask you to please do this as soon as they are available via our dedicated results email address:

Typically, we would expect students with conditional offers to have met their conditions by 31st August. However, if you think your conditions will be met shortly after this date, please email

What do I need to do to get my CAS?

If you are an overseas student, it is likely that you will need a Tier 4 (General Student) visa to come and study at Lancaster University. If this is the case, you may already be aware that you will need a “CAS” from Lancaster University (a “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies”).

We will contact you with more information about the visa application process once you have Firmly accepted our offer, and your offer is Unconditional. However, in the meantime, here are some things you can do to help make sure you have plenty of time to apply for your visa. You can also find more information about visas on our visas and immigration web pages

1. Send us a copy of your passport

This should be valid until at least 31st October 2019, and your details (full name, date of birth, nationality and country of birth) should match the details on your UCAS application. If any of the details are different, please contact UCAS to change them. Please send the copy of your passport to If you renew your passport at any time, please send us a new copy.

2. Tell us about any previous study in the UK

Before we issue a CAS, we need to know if you have previously studied in the UK, or if you are currently studying in the UK.

If you have studied in the UK previously, or you are currently studying in the UK:

Please send a copy of any Tier 4 visas you have been issued. Please include any vignettes that are in your passport and any BRP cards (Biometric Residence Permit). If you have studied in the UK under a different visa (other than Tier 4), please let us know, and also provide us with a copy.

If you have not studied in the UK previously:

You can send us an email to confirm this, so that we do not ask you the question again before issuing your CAS.

3. Let us know when you have met any of the conditions of your offer

You may have an offer from us that is conditional on more than one qualification, for example, you may need to complete your high school studies and take an IELTS test. If you have met part of the condition, but not the whole condition, please send us any evidence that you already have.

For example, if you have achieved the required IELTS score, but you are still waiting for your high school results, please send us your IELTS certificate now, and your high school results later. You do not have to meet the whole condition at the same time; you can let us know that you have met part of it.

You can send results by email to

Preparatory English Language and Induction Courses

The University offers a 4 week English for Academic Purposes (EAP) pre-sessional programme for applicants who either need to improve their academic English in order to meet their offer conditions or who want to prepare themselves further prior to starting their main degree. Places on the EAP programme are only available to applicants who firmly accept a place with us, who meet their academic offer conditions and who have a suitable level of English Language to take the course.

We also offer a shorter 2 week Study Start induction programme available to applicants who wish to complete a shorter induction programme. It is available to applicants who have accepted their place, have met the English Language level required for entry to their degree and who have met their academic offer conditions.

In addition, applicants who have applied to Lancaster University as part of a Foundation Year Partnership may be required to complete either the EAP or the Study Start programme and this will be indicated in your offer.

Please check the guidance information about the EAP and Study Start programmes on the web links provided. This includes eligibility criteria, application deadlines, course content and costs. If you are required to or wish to attend either of these courses it is important to contact to apply for a place early and no later than the deadlines advised.

Colleges & Accommodation

Lancaster is proud to be one of only a handful of UK universities to have a collegiate system. Each and every one of our students belongs to a college for the duration of their degree. Colleges are independent to a student's field of study, making for a lively, welcoming and diverse community where it's easy to make new friends with students of many nationalities. Now's the time to research our different colleges, and explore the different accommodation options that they offer. You can also find out more on the Accommodation Office's Facebook page.

You will receive an email from the Accommodation Office in early June, with details about the accommodation application process. After you have completed your accommodation application, you will be informed about your accommodation offer in August - although we can make no guarantees, we will try to allocate you to the college of your choice.

If you do not receive the email or if you have any other residence queries, then please contact the Accommodation Office at or telephone their hotline number: +44 (0)1524 594910. Please be sure to monitor your email account from mid June onwards and inform the Admissions Office and UCAS of any change in your email address between when you made your original application and when you enter the University.

If you are an incoming undergraduate, have firmly accepted Lancaster as your first choice university on UCAS and you apply for accommodation before 15th August then you will be guaranteed accommodation. Lancaster University students typically live on campus in their first year and then choose to live on campus in their second and third year. Typically lets are 40, 44 or 50 weeks in length. In some cases it may be possible to apply for on-campus accommodation during the summer vacation period.

Thinking Further Ahead

An International Student Orientation is typically held during Welcome Week. This page will also give you some information about documents you will need to register at the university, and some information about police registration (if applicable).

For further information, please view both the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) and the UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) websites. Both websites have lots of information on how to prepare for arrival to the UK.