Home and EU undergraduate fees FAQs

Which EU and Home undergraduate students will be affected by the change to tuition fees for academic year 2017-18?

Home/EU undergraduate students who entered the University in 2016-17 (current first years) or who will enter the University in 2017-18 (incoming students) will be subject to an annual fee of £9,250 in 2017-18. This is an increase of 2.8% from the previous year, which is in line with forecasted inflation.

Why have the fees increased for these students?

The Government allows universities to increase tuition fees up to a maximum level, which is currently £9,250.

In order for a university to maintain its fees in line with increase in costs, it must meet the standards outlined in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This ensures students are being offered the highest quality teaching and that graduates are securing strong outcomes from their courses.

You may wish to see further details on government policy in this area.

Are students from The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man treated as UK students?

In most cases, the fees for 'Island Students' are the same as those for UK/EU students, but for some science and medicine courses the fees are higher for students from The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. You can find more details here: Island Students

How are student fees spent?

The University needs to maintain and continue to improve services in light of increases in Library subscription fees and other rises in the costs of delivering a world class higher education.

For example, to enhance the quality of teaching at Lancaster, we have appointed additional lecturers and professors. We have also increased funding for careers support and worked hard to develop one of the best and most well-equipped campuses in the UK.

Further details on University income and expenditure are available in the financial statements on the Finance webpages.

You may also like to see further examples of recent enhancements made at Lancaster based on student feedback.

Are there any changes to when or how I have to pay my fees?

No. It remains the case that EU/Home undergraduate students will not have to pay for the cost of tuition up front and the loan arrangements stay the same. You will be eligible for student loans for both tuition fees and living expenses.

Where can I ask further questions?

Please email tuition-fees@lancaster.ac.uk.