Grace Parkin

Why did you choose Lancaster University?

I chose to come to Lancaster because not many universities offer my particular course and this was the best one where I was offered a place. Also it was a good distance from home – being close enough to visit home maybe once a term, but far enough away that I would be able to fully relocate my life to Lancaster. My visit days did a lot to confirm that I had made a good decision because of all the students and staff I met were very friendly.

What do you feel is the best aspect of studying at Lancaster University?

The lecturers talk straight to you and are happy to spend time out of official lectures and seminars going over things you don’t understand or helping with essays.

What’s best about the social life at Lancaster?

The sense of community – it feels like you belong to a great big family.

How does Lancaster University provide you with support, advice and guidance?

There are many official places you can go for support as a student. There is Careers the career advisors, support for essay writing and tutors for every subject who you can turn to if there are aspects of your course you don’t understand. Additionally, the porters are always happy to help with non-academic problems as well as nightline which is a voluntary phone service offering students someone they can talk to for any problems they might have. To be honest the list goes on and on. There is always someone to turn to whatever your need, worry or concern.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Lancaster University?

Put all your energy into university, you will enjoy it so much more and will very likely achieve great things. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way.