Maria Kapnisi

Lancaster first got my attention due to its high ranking. After researching various universities, I found Lancaster to have a good reputation among professionals in companies in Greece. By mentioning that you graduated from Lancaster University, your chances of being invited for an interview are higher. Lancaster University’s reputable Management School is also great plus, since many guest lecturers visit often and offer us information about what can follow next. Moreover, older friends of mine recommended the University to me.

One of the best aspects of the University is its location. I like that I can travel to big cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, and even London by train in less than three hours. Also, being a campus university is a great privilege, since you do not need to travel across the city to attend a lecture, and everything is within easy reach.

The local transportation is also very good, since there are many buses from and to University. There is a path from University to town, if someone prefers walking or cycling. Moreover, there are lots of parks, such as Williamson Park, and a walk along the canal is a great choice for someone that wants a quiet Sunday evening.

I would characterise Lancaster as a small and quiet city. Despite its size, compared to big cities such as Manchester, it has everything one could ask. There is a wide variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs to choose from. I personally enjoy walking around town and finding new, small cafes ‘hidden’ from the main market street. If someone wants something extra and special, other bigger cities are very close and cheap to travel to.

Most of our lecturers have worked for a long period of time in the industry, and can give us first hand experienced insights on how the ‘real-world’ works. Moreover, most of the courses base their curriculum on real life case studies and require us to take part in simulations, so we can exercise our practical skills.

Each student has their own private tutor who can help with both academic and personal issues. At the very beginning of my studies, I found this very helpful since my tutor helped me with some paperwork with my department. Moreover, in psychology, which is my minor, we also have a careers tutor, which can help us with finding job positions, and answering any questions we may have concerning our career.

There is also ‘The Base’ on campus, which offers workshops and training on topics such as writing a CV, or do practice on job interviews. They have also been a great assistance to me, since they would gladly help me write and revise my CV. Finally, companies may visit the University occasionally and offer trainings so students can improve their skills.

After graduating from Lancaster University, I am aiming to do a postgraduate degree, either in advertising or communications, possibly in another country, such as in China or Australia. After that, I hope I can obtain a job position within the industry. My advertising course has been a great help, since they use real-life examples and tell us exactly how the industry works, so we can know what to expect in the future.

I would advise students to be open to interact with people from countries and cultures other than their own. Lancaster University’s students come from a wide variety of cultures and countries, and it is a great chance to become familiar with them.

I understand that moving to another country for your studies can be very intimidating and challenging, but I would advise students to be open to change, and embrace it rather than resist it. Although change may be difficult for some at first, they will see that as time goes by they will enjoy their stay here.