Patrick Wiegering Spitzer

I chose to study at Lancaster University because is an epicentre of multicultural plurality. It gathers brilliant minds from around the world. In addition, the fact that it is continually ranked amongst the top universities in the world provides me with a sense of pride. The best aspect of studying at Lancaster University is the involvement of students in academic life. The location is suitable for people to stand back from the daily life, and focus on the formation of academic knowledge.

The best thing about my course is the ability to specialize in modules. The teaching style is divided into two main parts: lectures and seminars. The combination of both allows people to learn in a didactic environment of both theory and practice. I hope to graduate from Lancaster University with the Lancaster Award, and will then pursue a career in a blue-chip company. Lancaster University has a large network of contacts around the world, which increases the possibility to fulfil my professional ambitions. My course allows me stand out from other graduates by allowing me to take very specialized modules such as "Marketing Simulation" and "Business Modelling and Simulation".

The University has a policy to provide a close relationship between lecturers and students. It provides students with advisors and counsellors, who can help if you have any problem inside the university. At the same time, the Students’ Union and the collegiate system provide a smooth transition of students from high school into university life, allowing them to mix in the university and creating a sense of belonging.

The advice I would give to International Students is to look at the modules offered by universities back home and those provided at Lancaster University. Also, do not be afraid of taking modules that are intensive and intellectually demanding. Lancaster University provides a solid guide from the most basic to the most in-depth academically demanding modules.

The city of Lancaster is very friendly. If you don’t know something, are lost or want to ask for directions, the people are very approachable. It is a city full of youth, life and energy, however a little distant from the university which allows students to separate the academic from the social environment. Furthermore, food retailers are very cheap and accommodate their prices and promotional packages to a student’s budget.

In terms of transport, the city has developed a very efficient public transport system, which allows people to move from place to place in a clean, safe and friendly environment. Students are able to get a bus pass, saving both money and time on this aspect, since they don’t need a car or have to walk very long distances to reach their final destinations.