Sarah Shorrock

Why did you choose Lancaster University?

I decided to come to Lancaster because of the Criminology course that it offered; it was a more rounded course than those on offer at other universities. In addition, I like the fact that Lancaster is a campus and college university, making the leap from college/ home to being independent a lot smoother.

What do you feel is the best aspect of studying at Lancaster University?

All members of staff are warm and welcoming making it easier to ask for help, with the facilities creating an environment that makes studying more enjoyable. The best aspect however has to be the community atmosphere since you never feel isolated or alone for too long.

What’s best about the social life at Lancaster?

The variety of social activities that are offered, ranging from volunteering, societies and the student union, to the bars on campus – allowing friends to be made and kept. As well as the fast-paced activities, the University offers many quiet nights in, such as the cinema, so that nights do not have to be boring or expensive.

How does Lancaster University provide you with support, advice and guidance?

My lecturers have helped me to gain work experience, with them taking a genuine interest in my future and advising me on the best path to take. Bowland, my college, has helped me to travel and build skills during the summer by awarding me with a travel grant, an aspect of my summer that would not have been possible otherwise. As well as all this, The Base on Campus contains a useful source of endless information, with the Lancaster Award being a helpful start to applying for graduate jobs.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Lancaster University?

I would strongly recommend that they come for a look around on a visit day and that if Lancaster offers your course, snatch up a place and never look back!