Vasiliki Makou

Lancaster is one of the Top 10 Universities in the UK and has a widely known Management School, which is a very important aspect for my degree. In addition, the fact that it is a campus university played a major role in my decision as safety is a key element.

The best thing about my course is the fact that there are subjects with real life applications, which is a great opportunity to start learning about the Marketing world. This, in combination with the variety of courses provided, gives a broader understanding of the aspects in the business world.

My future plan is primarily to find a job that I like and follow a career based on my degree or equivalent either in the UK business sector or around the world. Lancaster University has already given me the opportunity to experience projects and real life exercises which have helped me to start interpreting the business world.

The university has a variety of people and workshops to support, advise and guide students. First of all, there is a college tutor in the accommodation buildings who is there to help you and guide with any issues concerned. In addition, students who start applying for jobs have a full support from "The Base" which helps students to prepare a good CV and a Cover Letter. Moreover, each department organises preparation courses for interviews and presentations and thus when a person applies for a job he/she is 100% ready to deal with any issues.

Another future plan is to travel around the world and experience new cultures. Lancaster University has offered me the opportunity to meet people from different countries and build strong relationships with them and thus many of my future destinations will include a friend waiting for me!

My first advice for an international student is to be open to meet people from other cultures and build relationships with them. It is important to not only stick with people from your own culture. University is a great opportunity to open up your horizons and live this experience to the fullest. Moreover, international students should grab the advantage that they study in another country and start learning about the UK and its culture.

Lancaster is a small city, but at least it is a city! It is a place that combines both student and an academic life. It is a safe place to live and it is a great chance to live in nature and escape from the city for a while. It offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and traditional English pubs, clubs where you can spend time and get familiar with the English culture. One of the best aspects about studying at Lancaster University is that you graduate with a widely recognised degree which can contribute you with lots of career opportunities in the future. Moreover, as a multinational university offers you the opportunity to build multicultural relationships and friendships.