William Twiname

Why did you choose Lancaster University?

There were many reasons why I chose Lancaster University. The main reason was the feeling that I got when I first arrived on the campus during an open day. Unlike other universities I visited I could see myself working at Lancaster and enjoying my time here. The lecturers all seemed very friendly and engaging and the campus itself is beautiful. The facilities the University offer are also fantastic. You don’t really need to go off campus because everything you need is right there. With the added bonus that it is a highly ranked university with a fantastic pass rate made me choose Lancaster University over the other universities I visited.

What do you feel is the best aspect of studying at Lancaster University?

The best aspect about studying at Lancaster is the fact that the lecturers are on the same level as students. You get taught by leading professionals in the field you are studying in and they always want to help students achieve the best of their abilities.

Most departments have an open-door policy, so you can go and talk to your lecturers face-to-face if you have any problems with any aspect of your course.

What’s best about the social life at Lancaster?

Lancaster has so much diversity when it comes to your social life that you will always have something you can take part in or do. There are lots of clubs and societies run by students where you can make lots of new friends and join in the socials that they host on and off campus. The city itself is targeted at students, so you can get discounts in many shops and restaurants and there are plenty of bars and clubs in Lancaster too. Also Morecambe have the legendary Carleton nightclub, a bowling alley and a laser quest arena that are all popular with students from Lancaster.

How does Lancaster University provide you with support, advice and guidance?

Lancaster University supports you in many different ways and you can get advice and guidance from many different places. I am a course rep and I take students’ concerns to a meeting held by the department and they take anything discussed seriously. I also attend faculty meetings held by our Student Union, which allows course reps to meet other reps from the Faculty to cover problems that all departments may be facing. Careers provide workshops and career events for students. On the non-academic side the University have a night service called Nightline which gives support and guidance on a number of different issues that students may have. You also have the residence officers and porters for your college that deal with any concerns about living here and the student union looks after students’ welfare and supports us through our time at Lancaster.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Lancaster University?

My advice is that the best way to see if a university is right for you is to come to an open day and have a look around to see what the University has to offer you. I would say that if you do come to Lancaster University you will see why it is such a great place. You will learn in a safe, nice environment, make a lot of new friends and have a really great time!