Lancaster University is committed to ensuring that the generation set to deliver our transition to a low carbon society will receive the skills it needs to meet the challenge.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses balance in-depth understanding with practical application. They prepare graduates to make a confident, skilled, informed contribution to sustainability issues.

Courses with a focus on sustainability include:

Most Lancaster degrees provide the opportunity for our students to select a sustainable related module. Here is a sample list of our modules:

  • Life in a Changing Environment
  • Trends in Environmental Biology
  • Global Change Biology: Challenges and Solutions
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Conservation in Practice
  • Global Climate Change
  • Water Resource Management
  • Air Pollution
  • Air Pollution and Climate
  • Water Pollution Control
  • Waste Management
  • Society and Space2: Geopolitics and the Environment
  • Environment and Society
  • Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
  • Geographies of Political Economy
  • Environment, Politics and Society in Arizona
  • Perspectives on Environment and Development
  • Environmental Issues for the 21st Century
  • Environmental Processes and Systems
  • Business Ethics