#DontDitchIt Cup for Life Scheme

Each year around 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away in the U.K. To help reduce coffee cup waste on campus, we are launching a pilot scheme on Friday 25th May 2018 for the rest of the academic year in all University operated outlets, the #DontDitchIt 'cup for life' scheme.

Buy into the cup for life scheme (and purchase your initial cup) for only £5.95 from any of the participating outlets below.

  • Marketplace
  • The Lounge
  • County Bar
  • Bowland Bar
  • Furness Bar
  • The Deli
  • Fylde Bar
  • Cafe 21
  • The Hub
  • Barker House Farm

Once you've finished your drink you can choose to keep hold of your cup, or you have the option to return your cup to any participating outlet and receive a fresh, clean cup straight away.

If you don't fancy taking your cup home, you'll receive a locker token to exchange for a clean cup when you're ready to purchase your next drink - make sure you keep your locker token in a handy place to easily exchange for a cup next time.

A twenty pence charge will be added to all drinks bought in paper cups in all participating outlets on campus from Friday 25th May 2018.

So, help reduce the environmental impact of coffee cup waste on campus and save yourself the extra charge by participating in the #DontDitchIt cup for life scheme today.