Knowledge Exchange

The influence of Lancaster University’s work in sustainability stretches far beyond the campus boundaries. In business, in partnership and online we’re working to ensure that we share our knowledge and expertise to the benefit of our graduates, industry and the environment.

Sustainability Exchange

Lancaster University, colleges and schools all stand to benefit from the Sustainability Exchange, a groundbreaking new 'knowledge bank' for the higher education sector. The public money contributed through HEFCE's leadership, governance and management fund has enabled collaboration between the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), Staffordshire University and 20 other partner organisations including Universities UK and the Carbon Trust. It is hoped that this collaboration will in itself create further efficiencies.

Leading on Sustainability

The 50 leading businesses in terms of sustainability already significantly out-perform their peers on shareholder return*. Leading on Sustainability provides future leaders with the skills to address sustainability within their organisations. It helps them recognise and seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Created by Business in the Community in partnership with Lancaster University Management School, the programme helps businesses address sustainability in a way that enhances their people’s leadership and change management skills and ensures long-term viability.

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*According to research by Accenture and United Nations

Centre for Global Eco-Innovation

The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation provides research and development expertise to North West companies working to find solutions to environmental problems. Led by Lancaster University in partnership with the University of Liverpool and Inventya Ltd, the centre is the only one of its kind in Europe. Graduates from both Universities will collaborate with businesses on research and development projects to create new environmentally positive products, processes and services for the global marketplace.