Combined Heat and Power Engine

The Combined Heat and Power Engine (CHP) is a gas fired engine that produces heat and electricity. This is used to power and heat student residences, lecture theatres and offices across campus. Carbon emissions from electricity produced by the CHP are approximately half of those from electricity taken from the grid, whilst the cost of electricity from the CHP is significantly lower than that from the grid.

The CHP was fully operational by February 2012 and generates 2.2MW of heat and 1.9MW of electricity.

The CHP supplied 28% of the University’s annual electricity consumption in 2013-14, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 2,000tCO2e per annum.

A planned shutdown of the district heating system takes place from 1 June to 20 September each year to facilitate statuory inspection examinations and essential maintenance. The CHP will be turned off during the summer months as part of this review.

Energy produced from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014

  • Electricity produced – 9,268,664 kWh
  • This is 28% of the campus electricity consumption
  • This is enough electricity to supply 2809 houses for 1 year
  • Heat produced - 320,300 kWh
  • This is 63% of the campus heating demand
  • This is enough heat to supply nearly 563 houses for 1 year