Wind Turbine

Lancaster University’s wind turbine has been developed and installed to reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy costs. The turbine demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction.

Planning permission was obtained in April 2011 and construction began in February 2012. This complex project involved:

  • construction of a 0.5km access road
  • high-voltage cable connections to the University
  • excavation and construction of the turbine foundations
  • delivery and erection of the turbine itself.

The turbine started operating at the end of November 2012, three months ahead of schedule.

The wind turbine is projected to generate 11-17% of Lancaster University’s annual electricity consumption (depending on average wind speeds) and to reduce carbon emissions by 1,800-3,000tCO2e per annum.

Energy produced from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014

  • Electricity produced – 5,042,328 kWh
  • This is 15% of the campus electricity consumption
  • This is sufficient electricity to supply 1528 houses for 1 year

The 2.35MW output from the Wind Turbine is sufficient, on average, to run 10,000 desktop computers, or 1000 homes, or make 32,000 cups of tea.